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  1. AK Zaas, DA Schwartz, Innate immunity and the lung: defense at the interface between host and environment., Trends in cardiovascular medicine, vol. 15 no. 6 (August, 2005), pp. 195-202, ISSN 1050-1738
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    The lung serves as a major interface between the host and the external environment. As such, numerous lines of defense protect the host from inhaled potential pathogens. A breach in pulmonary innate immunity can lead to deleterious outcomes, such as pneumonia and disseminated infection. Pulmonary innate immunity, the first line of defense, is mediated by airway and alveolar epithelial cells as well as resident and recruited leukocytes. This article will discuss the key cellular and secreted components of the pulmonary innate immune system.

    Animals • Defensins • Environment • Humans • Immunity, Cellular • Immunity, Innate • Lung • Lung Diseases • immunology • immunology* • metabolism • physiology • physiology*