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Publications [#191214] of Aimee K Zaas

Papers Published

  1. AK Zaas, BD Alexander, New developments in the diagnosis and treatment of infections in lung transplant recipients., Respiratory care clinics of North America, vol. 10 no. 4 (December, 2004), pp. 531-47, ISSN 1078-5337 [doi]
    (last updated on 2011/05/02)

    Infections remain a serious and common problem in lung transplant recipients. Recent years have seen an explosion in the knowledge regarding this major cause of morbidity and mortality. Novel diagnostic and therapeutic techniques are revolutionizing the approach to infectious diseases in transplant recipients. Multicenter trials will expand the scope of diagnosis and management of these infections. A team approach by transplant physicians and infectious diseases experts is critical to the success of managing these complex patients.

    Adult • Female • Graft Rejection • Graft Survival • Humans • Incidence • Lung Diseases, Fungal • Lung Transplantation • Male • Middle Aged • Pneumonia, Bacterial • Pneumonia, Viral • Postoperative Complications • Prognosis • Risk Assessment • Severity of Illness Index • Survival Analysis • adverse effects* • diagnosis* • epidemiology • methods • mortality • therapy

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