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Publications [#191219] of Aimee K Zaas

Papers Published

  1. AK Zaas, M Boyce, W Schell, BA Lodge, JL Miller, JR Perfect, Risk of fungemia due to Rhodotorula and antifungal susceptibility testing of Rhodotorula isolates., Journal of clinical microbiology, vol. 41 no. 11 (November, 2003), pp. 5233-5, ISSN 0095-1137
    (last updated on 2011/05/02)

    Rhodotorula infections occur among patients with immunosuppression and/or central venous catheters. Using standardized methods (NCCLS M27-A), we determined the antifungal susceptibilities of 10 Rhodotorula bloodstream infection isolates. Patient information was collected for clinical correlation. The MICs of amphotericin B and posaconazole were the lowest, and the MICs of triazoles and echinocandins were higher than those of other antifungal agents.

    Antifungal Agents • Humans • Microbial Sensitivity Tests • Mycoses • Rhodotorula • drug effects* • isolation & purification • microbiology* • pathogenicity* • pharmacology*

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