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Publications [#191231] of Aimee K Zaas

Papers Published

  1. JW Hollingsworth, S Shofer, A Zaas, Successful treatment of Ochroconis gallopavum infection in an immunocompetent host., Infection, vol. 35 no. 5 (October, 2007), pp. 367-9, ISSN 0300-8126 [doi]
    (last updated on 2011/05/02)

    Ochroconis gallopavum, a dematiaceous fungus, is a rare cause disease in immunocompromised patients and epidemic encephalitis in poultry. We report the first case of active O. gallopavum pulmonary infection in an immunocompetent host with rapid and complete response to oral antifungal therapy.

    Aged • Antifungal Agents • Ascomycota • Female • Humans • Mycoses • Pneumonia • Radiography, Thoracic • drug therapy* • isolation & purification* • microbiology* • therapeutic use*

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