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Publications of Benjamin J. Wiley    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:

Papers Accepted

  1. Ye, S.; Rathmell, A.R.; Stewart, I.E.; Ha, Y.-C.; Wilson, A.R.; Chen, Z.; Wiley, B.J., A rapid synthesis of high aspect ratio copper nanowires for high-performance transparent conducting films., Chem. Commun. (2013)
  2. Ye, S.; Rathmell, A.R.; Ha, Y-C.; Wilson, A.R.; Wiley, B.J., The Role of Cuprous Oxide Seeds in the One-Pot and Seeded Synthesis of Copper Nanowires., Small (2013)

Papers Submitted

  1. Chen, Z.; Ye, S.; Wilson, A.R.; Ha, Y.-C.; Wiley, B.J., Optically Transparent Hydrogen Evolution Catalysts made from Networks of Copper-Platinum Core-Shell Nanowires, Nano Lett (2013)

Journal Articles

  1. Lassiter, J. B.; McGuire, F.; Mock, J. J.; Ciracì, C.; Hill, R. T.; Wiley, B. J. Chilkoti, A. Smith, D. R., Plasmonic Waveguide Modes of Film-Coupled Metallic Nanocubes, Nano Lett (2013) [doi]
  2. Chen, Z.; Rathmell, A. R.; Ye, S.; Wilson, A. R.; Wiley, B. J., Optically Transparent Water Oxidation Catalysts Based on Copper Nanowires, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. (2013) [doi]
  3. Mutiso, R. M.; Sherrott, M.C.; Rathmell, A.R.; Wiley, B. J.; Winey K. I., Integrating Simulations and Experiments to Predict Sheet Resistance and Optical Transmittance in Nanowire Films for Transparent Conductors., ACS Nano no. 7 (2013), pp. 7654-7663
  4. Wilson, A. R.; Sun, K.; Chi, M.; White, R. M.; LeBeau, J. M.; Lamb, H. H.; Wiley, B. J.,, From Core-Shell to Alloys: The Preparation and Characterization of Solution-Synthesized AuPd Nanoparticle Catalysts., J. Phys Chem. C no. 117 (2013), pp. 17557-17566
  5. Wu, J.; Zang, J.; Rathmell, A.R.; Zhao, X.; Wiley, B.J., Reversible Sliding in Networks of Nanowires, Nano Lett no. 13 (2013), pp. 2381
  6. Yang, L.; Zhang, T.; Zhou, H.; Price, S.C.; Wiley, B.J.; You, W, Solution-Processed Flexible Polymer Solar Cells with Silver Nanowire Electrodes, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces no. 3 (2011), pp. 4075-4084
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