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Publications [#63091] of Fan Yuan

Papers Published

  1. Lin, Cheng-Wen and Yuan, Fan, Numerical simulations of transcorneal tranport of ethacrynic acid, Proceedings of the 2005 Summer Bioengineering Conference, vol. 2005 (2005), pp. 289 - 290, Vail, CO, United States
    (last updated on 2007/04/14)

    Potential trabecular meshwork (TM) drugs can be delivered with a lower concentration on the cornea surface over a long period of time for reducing the induced corneal toxicity. To determine the concentration of drugs that can be achieved in the TM, we developed a mathematical model to simulate axisymmetric transport of ethacrynic acid (ECA) from the cornea surface to the TM in a human eye. The results showed that the concentration of ECA could reach the therapeutic level at the TM site while the concentration of ECA on the cornea surface was maintained at an optimal level (75 μM) below the toxicity threshold. These results can be used to guide the design of controlled drug release devices.

    Computer simulation;Toxicity;Mathematical models;Concentration (process);

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