Publications [#166297] of Gleb Finkelstein

Papers Published

  1. Yu. Bomze, H. Mebrahtu, I. Borzenets, A. Makarovski, and G. Finkelstein, Resonant tunneling in a dissipative environment, Physical Review B, vol. 79 (2009), pp. 241402R
    (last updated on 2009/12/08)

    We measure tunneling through a single quantum level in a carbon nanotube quantum dot connected to resistive metal leads. For the electrons tunneling to/from the nanotube, the leads serve as a dissipative environment, which suppresses the tunneling rate. In the regime of sequential tunneling, the height of the singleelectron conductance peaks increases as the temperature is lowered, although it scales more weakly than the conventional 1/T. In the resonant tunneling regime (temperature smaller than the level width), the peak width approaches saturation, while the peak height starts to decrease. Overall, the peak height shows a nonmonotonic temperature dependence. We associate this unusual behavior with the transition from the sequential to the resonant tunneling through a single quantum level in a dissipative environment.