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Publications [#183614] of Gleb Finkelstein


Papers Published

  1. Yu. Bomze, I. Borzenets, H. Mebrahtu, A. Makarovski, and G. Finkelstein, Two-stage Kondo effect and Kondo-box level spectroscopy in a carbon nanotube, Physical Review B, vol. 82 (2010), pp. 161411R
    (last updated on 2010/12/06)

    The concept of the “Kondo box” describes a single spin, antiferromagnetically coupled to a quantum dot with a finite level spacing. Here, a Kondo box is formed in a carbon nanotube interacting with a localized electron. We investigate the spins of its first few eigenstates and compare them to a recent theory. In an “open” Kondo-box, strongly coupled to the leads, we observe a nonmonotonic temperature dependence of the nanotube conductance, which results from a competition between the Kondo-box singlet and the “conventional” Kondo state that couples the nanotube to the leads.

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