Publications [#113221] of Harold P. Erickson

Papers Published

  1. M Akke, J Liu, J Cavanagh, HP Erickson, AG Palmer, Pervasive conformational fluctuations on microsecond time scales in a fibronectin type III domain., Nature structural biology, UNITED STATES, vol. 5 no. 1 (January, 1998), pp. 55-9, ISSN 1072-8368
    (last updated on 2009/02/12)

    A novel off-resonance rotating-frame 15N NMR spin relaxation experiment is used to characterize conformational fluctuations with correlation times between 32 and 175 microseconds in the third fibronectin type III domain of human tenascin-C. Conformational fluctuations of contiguous regions of the beta-sandwich structure of the type III domain may represent collective motions, such as transient twisting or breathing of the beta-sheets. Flexibility of the loop containing the Arg-Gly-Asp (RGD) tripeptide may affect the accessibility of this motif in protein-protein interactions.

    Diffusion • Dimerization • Fibronectins • Humans • Hydrogen Bonding • Motion • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Biomolecular • Protein Binding • Protein Conformation • Protein Denaturation • Protein Structure, Tertiary • Tenascin • chemistry*