Publications [#60700] of Martin A. Brooke

Papers Published

  1. Shin, Jaemin and Seo, Chung-Seok and Chellappa, Ananthasayanam and Brooke, Martin and Chatterjee, Abhijit and Jokerst, Nan M., Comparison of electrical and optical interconnect, Proceedings - Electronic Components and Technology Conference (2003), pp. 1067 - 1072, New Orleans LA, United States
    (last updated on 2007/04/11)

    Electrical and optical interconnects were compared to evaluate superiority of data rate, channel power dissipation and power consumption in driver as a function of line length. Transmission lines were simulated by HSPICE transient simulator and measured for two different physical conditions, with and without via, to obtain eye diagrams and S11 and S22 data. The simulation result on the model of the transmission line without via was matched to the result of the measurement to justify simulations with the CMOS inverter as driver.

    CMOS integrated circuits;Logic design;Electric lines;Computer simulation;Throughput;Semiconductor lasers;