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Publications [#66382] of Nan M. Jokerst

Papers Published

  1. Laskar, J. and Jokerst, N. and Brooke, M. and Harris, M. and Chun, C. and Pham, A. and Liang, H. and Staiculescu, D. and Sutono, S., Review of RF Packaging Research at Georgia Tech's PRC, Proceedings of the International Symposium and Exhibition on Advanced Packaging Materials Processes, Properties and Interfaces (1998), pp. 139 - 150, Braselton, GA, USA [ISAPM.1998.664451]
    (last updated on 2007/04/16)

    The Wireless Thrust within the Packaging Research Center (PRC) has identified core research projects that are critical for the development of the single level integrated modules (SLIM) wireless concepts. The group also established one of the most comprehensive microwave/millimeter wave design and characterization facilities for wireless packaging research in a US university. An overview is given on the current core research efforts.

    Wireless telecommunication systems;Electric network analyzers;Microwave devices;Monolithic microwave integrated circuits;Frequencies;Microstrip lines;Waveguides;Flip chip devices;Equivalent circuits;

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