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Publications [#66516] of Nan M. Jokerst

Papers Published

  1. Sang-Yeon Cho and Jokerst, N.M., A polymer microdisk photonic sensor integrated onto silicon, IEEE Photonics Technol. Lett. (USA), vol. 18 no. 20 (2006), pp. 2096 - 8 [LPT.2006.883210]
    (last updated on 2007/04/16)

    Optical sensors are attractive for integrated chip-scale sensor systems. In this letter, integrated microdisk sensors have been fabricated and characterized for five different D-glucose concentrations in deionized water. The microdisk sensor reported is in an orthogonal configuration, reducing the sensor size toward chip-scale sensor applications. The measured wavelength shift in the resonant peak of the microdisk sensors has a linear response as a function of D-glucose concentration. The estimated sensitivity (defined by Δλresonant/wt%D-glucose) of the fabricated microdisk sensor for the D-glucose solution was 0.12[nm/wt%] based on the slope of the linear regression line from the measured results

    biological techniques;chemical sensors;integrated optics;microsensors;optical polymers;optical sensors;proteins;regression analysis;silicon;spectral line shift;

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