Publications [#62864] of Tuan Vo-Dinh

Papers Published

  1. Proceedings of SPIE Chemical and Biological Point Sensors for Homeland Defense II, edited by Sedlacek III, A.J.;Christesen, S.D.;Vo-Dinh, T.;Combs, R.J.;, Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, vol. 5585 (2004), pp. 180 -, Philadelphia, PA, United States
    (last updated on 2007/04/14)

    The proceedings contain 19 papers from the Proceedings of SPIE - Chemical and Biological Paint Sensors for Homeland Defense II. The topics discussed include: point detection of threat aerosols: basic considerations and status; what responders need to respond; toward the characterization of biological toxins using field-based FT-IR spectroscopic instrumentation; characterization of chemical warfare G-agent hydrolysis products by surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy; design, characterization, and optimization of waveguides based on chalcogenide glasses for biosensors; indentifying bacterial spores and anthrax hoax materials by Raman spectroscopy; and infrared spectral evaluation of methanol/ammonia vapor mixtures.

    Chemical attack;Chemical warfare;Bacteria;Bioassay;Aerosols;Substrates;Toxic materials;Nanostructured materials;Hydrolysis;Scanning electron microscopy;Infrared spectroscopy;Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy;Mass spectrometry;Principal component analysis;Characterization;Raman scattering;