Papers Published

  1. Bejan, A. and Pfister, P.A., Jr., Evaluation of heat transfer augmentation techniques based on their impact on entropy generation, Letters in Heat Mass Transf. (UK), vol. 7 no. 2 (1980), pp. 97 - 106 [0094-4548(80)90037-5] .
    (last updated on 2007/04/06)

    Entropy generation is proposed as a measure of the relative merit of heat transfer augmentation techniques relative to each other and to the heat exchange apparatus in which they may be incorporated. In this context, heat transfer augmentation techniques are viewed as design changes capable of reducing the irreversible destruction of useful energy (exergy) in heat exchange equipment. The entropy generation rate takes into account simultaneously the heat transfer and fluid friction changes associated with implementing a heat transfer augmentation technique. Using in-tube roughness as an example, the authors show what specific operating conditions must be met before the destruction of exergy can be reduced via heat transfer augmentation

    entropy;heat exchangers;heat transfer;