Papers Published

  1. Tyvand, P.A. and Bejan, A., Pressure melting of ice due to an embedded cylinder, Journal of Heat Transfer, Transactions ASME, vol. 114 no. 2 (1992), pp. 532 - 535 .
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    In this study the authors consider the motion of a cylinder through a block of ice. The cylinder is pushed laterally through the ice block. The ice melts over the leading portion of the cylinder, the water films acts as lubricant (flows around the cylinder), and refreezes over the trailing portion of the cylinder. The same problem was solved first by J.F. Nye (1967), who proceeded from the assumption that the thickness of the water film is constant. The objective of this paper is to present a general and formal treatment, in which the film thickness is allowed to vary around the cylinder. In this way, the authors arrive not only at J.F Nye's constant-thickness results but also at the limiting conditions under which those results are valid.

    Flow of Water - Cylinders;Cylinders;