Papers Published

  1. Hall, John D. and Bejan, Adrian and Chaddock, Jack B., Transient natural convection in a rectangular enclosure with one heated side wall, International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow, vol. 9 no. 4 (1988), pp. 396 - 404 [0142-727X(88)90006-9] .
    (last updated on 2007/04/08)

    This paper describes a numerical and theoretical study of the transient natural convection heating of a two-dimensional rectangular enclosure filled with fluid. The heating is applied suddenly along one of the side walls, while the remaining three walls are maintained insulated. It is shown that the process has two distinct phases, an early period dominated by conduction and a late period dominated by convection. The scaling laws for the heat transfer rate and the effectiveness (energy storage fraction) are determined based on scale analysis. These theoretical results are confirmed by numerical experiments conducted in the domain Ra=103-106, Pr=7, A=1, where Ra is the Rayleigh number, based on height and initial temperature difference, Pr is the Prandtl number, and A is the height/length ratio of the enclosure. Correlations for heat transfer rate and effectiveness are constructed by comparing the theoretical scaling laws with the numerical results.

    Heat Transfer--Convection;