Papers Published

  1. Hoenig, M. O. and Iwasa, Y. and Montgomery, D. B. and Bejan, A., CRYOSTABILIZED SINGLE-PHASE HELIUM COOLED CABLE CONDUCTORS FOR LARGE HIGH FIELD SUPERCONDUCTING MAGNETS., SAE Preprints (1976), pp. 586 - 592 .
    (last updated on 2007/04/08)

    In the last two years the authors have developed a new concept of hollow superconductors able to recover from transient instabilities by virtue of on-going single phase cooling. The authors have been able to correlate results between an iterative computer program and small scale experiments. More recently the authors have performed a thermodynamic analysis of the supercritical helium recirculation loop and have developed a more sophisticated program involving axial as well as radial heat transfer. The authors are currently preparing to test a commercially fabricated 5000 A bundled superconducting hollow conductor in an 8 tesla field, in the form of a 6 in. diameter coil.

    ELECTRIC CABLES - Cooling;NIOBIUM TITANIUM ALLOYS - Electric Properties;CRYOGENICS - Low Temperature Phenomena;ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING - Computer Aided Design;