Papers Published

  1. Bejan, A., Predicting the pool fire vortex shedding frequency, Journal of Heat Transfer, Transactions ASME, vol. 113 no. 1 (1991), pp. 261 - 263 .
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    It seems that the most talked-about session at the 1989 ASME Winter Annual Meeting was the open forum titled 'Some Unanswered Questions in Fluid Mechanics' (Trefethen and R.L. Panton, 1989). The interest in this session was stimulated not only by the excitement of facing the questions identified by its 33 contributors, but also by the fact that most of these 'fluid mechanics' questions are pivotal also in the field of heat transfer. Indeed, on the first day of the Winter Annual Meeting, several participants to the 'Panel on Directions and Issues in Heat Transfer: An Agenda' argued that the identification and facing of 'unanswered questions' is essential to the process of intellectually revitalizing the field of heat transfer. In this note I, want to contribute to this process by facing one of the unanswered questions of the 1989 Winter Annual Meeting, namely Professor P. J. Pagni's question on 'Pool Vortex Shedding Frequencies' (P.J. Pagni, 1989).

    Thermal Plumes;