Papers Published

  1. Zhang, Zongqin and Bejan, Adrian, Problem of time-dependent natural convection melting with conduction in the solid, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, vol. 32 no. 12 (1989), pp. 2447 - 2457 [0017-9310(89)90204-4] .
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    This paper reports a theoretical and experimental study of the effect of solid-side subcooling on the phenomenon of melting by natural convection at the vertical interface between a solid body and a pool of its own liquid. The first part of the study consists of a conjugate boundary layer analysis of the transient melting process, in which the effect of solid subcooling leads to the formation of a time-dependent conduction boundary layer in the solid. The second part of the study consists of melting experiments conducted in a rectangular enclosure heated at a constant rate from the side. It is shown that the experimental observations agree with the trends anticipated theoretically in the first part of the study.

    Liquids--Phase Transitions;