Papers Published

  1. Trevisan, Osvair V. and Bejan, Adrian, MASS AND HEAT TRANSFER BY HIGH RAYLEIGH NUMBER CONVECTION IN A POROUS MEDIUM HEATED FROM BELOW., International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, vol. 30 no. 11 (1987), pp. 2341 - 2356 [0017-9310(87)90226-2] .
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    This paper outlines a combined theoretical and numerical study of the mass transfer effected by high Rayleigh number Bernard convection in a two-dimensional saturated porous layer heated from below. The focus of this study is on the Darcy flow, heat transfer and mass transfer scales of a single cell (roll) that exists in the steady two-dimensional convection regime. The numerical solutions are based on the complete governing equations for two-dimensional flow, and cover the Rayleigh number range 50-2000. The numerical results compare favorably with the theoretical conclusions of a scale analysis.

    MASS TRANSFER - Calculations;