Papers Published

  1. Bejan, A., Second law analysis in heat transfer, Energy (UK), vol. 5 no. 8-9 (1980), pp. 721 - 32 .
    (last updated on 2007/04/08)

    The second law of thermodynamics is used as a basis for evaluating the irreversibility, entropy generation) associated with simple heat transfer processes. The irreversibility production is analyzed from the local level, at one point in a convective heat transfer arrangement. A limited review of second law analysis applied to classic engineering components for heat exchange is presented. In this category, such topics as: heat transfer augmentation techniques, heat exchanger design, and thermal insulation systems are included. Analytical methods for evaluating and minimizing the irreversibility associated with textbook-type components of heat transfer equipment are presented

    heat exchangers;heat transfer;thermodynamics;