Papers Published

  1. Khair, K. R. and Bejan, A., MASS TRANSFER TO NATURAL CONVECTION BOUNDARY LAYER FLOW DRIVEN BY HEAT TRANSFER., Journal of Heat Transfer, Transactions ASME, vol. 107 no. 4 (1985), pp. 979 - 981 .
    (last updated on 2007/04/08)

    The phenomenon of combined mass and heat transfer effected by natural convection has received considerable attention due to its many applications in diverse fields such as chemical engineering, environmental dynamics, and architectural design. The present study is concerned with a limiting facet of the combined mass and heat transfer natural convection phenomemon, namely, the mass transfer rate associated with a vertical natural convection boundary layer flow driven solely by the buoyancy effect due to temperature variations within the fluid (the flow in this limit may be referred to as 'heat-transfer-driven'. Given the possible interplay between temperature and concentration variations in providing the buoyancy effect for driving the flow, the limit addressed by this study is conceptually analogous to determining the heat transfer rate asociataed with flows driven solely by buoyancy due to concentration variations.