Papers Published

  1. Cryogenic Heat Transfer - 1991, edited by Adorjan, A.;Bejan, A.;, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Heat Transfer Division, (Publication) HTD, vol. 167 (1991), pp. 53 - .
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    This conference proceedings contains 6 papers discussing the topic of cryogenic heat transfer. Two of the papers treat the change of phase of cryogens, an area that will continue to be important in the future. A paper on the operation of a hydrogen storage tank in flight environment reflects the future needs of the aerospace programs. In the field of superconductors there is very intense activity in the characterization of the electrical properties of materials. However, relatively little is being done on the clarification of thermal properties. A paper on heat conduction in these material is always welcome. Two papers deal with cryogenic heat exchangers. One on the characterization of screen-type heat exchangers, another on entropy production in high effectiveness cryogenic heat exchangers with the consideration of the longitudinal thermal conduction effect.

    Heat Transfer - Conduction;Superconducting Films;Cryostats;Heat Exchangers - Thermodynamics;Hydrogen - Storage;