Papers Published

  1. A. Chilkoti and T. Christensen and J. A. Mackay, Stimulus responsive elastin biopolymers: applications in medicine and biotechnology, Current Opinion In Chemical Biology, vol. 10 no. 6 (December, 2006), pp. 652 -- 657 .
    (last updated on 2009/09/02)

    Elastin-like polypeptides (ELPs) are artificial polypeptides, derived from Val-Pro-Gly-Xaa-Gly (VPGXG) pentapeptide repeats found in human tropoelastin, that reversibly coacervate above a critical temperature. Genetically encodable ELPs are monodisperse, stimuli responsive, and biocompatible, properties that make them attractive for drug delivery and tissue engineering. The potential of ELPs to self-assemble into nanostructures in response to environmental triggers is another interesting feature of these polypeptides that promises to lead to a host of new applications.