Papers Published

  1. Nath, N. and Chilkoti, A., Label free colorimetric biosensing using nanoparticles, J. Fluoresc. (USA), vol. 14 no. 4 (2004), pp. 377 - 89 [dc] .
    (last updated on 2007/04/12)

    In this review article, we discuss a class of biosensors that exploit the change in the colorimetric properties of noble metal nanoparticles in response to biomolecular binding at their surface. Several sensor fabrication techniques as well as sensor configurations are discussed with an emphasis on their strengths and limitations. We conclude by presenting the future prospects and challenges for the successful transition of this technology from the laboratory to a commercial product

    biosensors;colorimetry;molecular biophysics;nanoparticles;nanotechnology;reviews;