Papers Published

  1. Chilkoti, Ashutosh and Ratner, Buddy D. and Briggs, David, Analysis of polymer surfaces by SIMS: part 15. oxygen-functualized aliphatic homopolymers, Surface and Interface Analysis, vol. 18 no. 8 (1992), pp. 604 - 618 .
    (last updated on 2007/04/12)

    The positive and negative ion spectra from simple oxygen-containing aliphatic homopolymers (i.e. ethers, ketones, carboxylates and backbone esters) are reported. Interpretation of the static SIMS fragmentation patterns of these polymers is shown to be related to the structure of the polymer, in particular its heterofunctionality. A systematic investigation of the atomic secondary anions that are ubiquitous to all organic polymers reveals that their relative yields are not devoid of chemical information, but appear to be related to polymer structure.

    Surface properties;Mass spectrometry;Polyethers;