Papers Published

  1. Architecture and Application of Biomaterials and Biomolecular Materials. Symposium (Mater. Res. Soc. Symposium Proceedings Vol.EXS-1), edited by Wong, J.Y.;Plant, A.L.;Schmidt, C.E.;Shea, L.;Coury, A.J.;Chen, C.S.;Barron, A.E.;Klok, H.A.;Deming, T.J.;Saltzman, W.M.;Chilkoti, A.;Luo, D.;Uhrich, K.; (2004), pp. xvii+465 - .
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    The following topics are dealt with: natural and artificial polymers; biomaterials and tissue engineering; biotechnology; surface analysis and engineering; biologically-inspired mineral and bioactive materials; DNA; polymer assembly and biological techiques

    biological techniques;biomedical materials;biotechnology;cellular biophysics;DNA;polymers;tissue engineering;