Papers Published

  1. Tang, D. M. and Dowell, E. H., RANDOM RESPONSE OF BEAMS AND PLATES WITH SLIPPING AT SUPPORT BOUNDARIES., AIAA Journal, vol. 24 no. 8 (1986), pp. 1354 - 1361 .
    (last updated on 2007/04/10)

    A numerical and experimental study is made of the response to random excitation of a beam and rectangular plate with dry friction damping due to slipping at the support boundaries. The design of the beam experimental apparatus and the utilization of the associated instrumentation are described. Comparisons of the experimental results with those obtained from an approximate analytical solution and from numerical simulations are made. The good agreement among these several results shows that the concept of an equivalent linear viscous damping due to slipping at the support boundaries can often be usefully applied to determine the response due to random excitation. This approach, when applicable, greatly simplifies the nonlinear random vibration problem.

    PLATES - Stresses;STRESSES - Analysis;STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS - Dynamic Response;