Papers Published

  1. Tang, Deman and Gavin, Henri P. and Dowell, Earl H., Study of airfoil gust response alleviation using an electro-magnetic dry friction damper. Part 1: Theory, Journal of Sound and Vibration, vol. 269 no. 3-5 (2004), pp. 853 - 874 [S0022-460X(03)00180-9] .
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    An electro-magnetic controllable dry friction damper has been designed and numerically simulated. The gust response of a three degree-of-freedom typical airfoil section with a control surface using this non-linear damper has been studied theoretically. The effects of the different gust excitations and parameter variations of the non-linear damper on the non-linear aeroelastic response are discussed. The numerical results show the present electro-magnetic dry friction damper can be used to alleviate the dynamic response to both a periodic and a linear frequency sweep gust excitation, especially for the plunge and pitch responses. The results are also verified by an experimental investigation in a wind tunnel presented in a companion paper, Part 2. © 2003 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

    Friction;Damping;Magnetoelectric effects;Degrees of freedom (mechanics);Wind tunnels;Control system analysis;Product design;Magnetic flux;Magnetic circuits;Vortex flow;Stiffness;Expansion;Supercomputers;Mathematical models;Computer simulation;