Papers Published

  1. Heller, H. H. and Bliss, D. B. and Widnall, S. E., INCIPIENT STALL DETECTION THROUGH UNSTEADY EM DASH PRESSURE MONITORING ON AIRCRAFT WINGS., Journal of Aircraft, vol. 9 no. 2 (1972), pp. 186 - 188 .
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    This note describes some results of a feasibility study of a system designed for the detection of incipient stall. Such a system would utilize the detection of increased levels of fluctuating pressure associated with flow disturbances on the wing. This approach arises from the expectation that at or near stall there occur, at certain locations, amplitude changes in the fluctuating pressure which are orders of magnitude larger than corresponding changes in the static pressure on the wing surface. Since unsteady pressures can be measured precisely by flush-mounted microphones, a potential stall-warning system could use appropriately processed information to indicate critical flight conditions with a high degree of accuracy.

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