Papers Published

  1. L. Liu and E. H. Dowell and J. P. Thomas, A high dimensional harmonic balance approach for an aeroelastic airfoil with cubic restoring forces, Journal Of Fluids And Structures, vol. 23 no. 3 (April, 2007), pp. 351 -- 363 .
    (last updated on 2009/08/04)

    This is a study of a two-dimensional airfoil including a cubic spring stiffness placed in an incompressible flow. A new formulation of the harmonic balance method is employed for the aeroelastic airfoil to investigate the amplitude and frequency of the limit cycle oscillations. The results are compared with the results from the classical harmonic balance approach and from the conventional time marching integration method. (C) 2006 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.