Papers Published

  1. Dowell, E.H. and Widnall, S.E., Generalized aerodynamic forces on oscillating cylindrical shell -- Subsonic and supersonic flow, AIAA Journal, vol. 4 no. 4 (1966), pp. 607 - 610 .
    (last updated on 2007/04/10)

    Mathematical and numerical solution is presented for problem of determining aerodynamic forces on harmonically oscillating, cylindrical shell within framework of classical, linearized, potential flow theory; subsonic speeds are emphasized; method of solution is outlined, and numerical results are presented; comparisons of results are made with those of (generalized) "slender body" theory to indicate where this simpler theory may be used with confidence. (See also Quarterly of Applied Mathematics v 24 n 1 Apr 1966 p 1-17)

    Supersonic flow;