Papers Published

  1. Dowell, E.H., Nonlinear dynamics and chaos in mechanical systems, International Conference on Fuzzy Theory and Technology Proceedings, Abstracts and Summaries (1992), pp. 7 - .
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    Chaotic oscillations have now been observed in non-linear mechanical systems by analytical, numerical and experimental methods. Nevertheless a more fundamental understanding of why and when such oscillations occur is of great importance. This will be discussed by considering the relationship between chaos induced by forced oscillations versus self-excited oscillations, the relationship of indeterminacy of the final equilibrium state in the initial value problem to chaos in the sustained oscillation problem, comparison of theory to physical experiment, necessary and sufficient conditions for chaos to occur, and the question of convergence of systems of modal ordinary differential equations which derive from partial differential equations.

    Chaos theory;Oscillations;Ordinary differential equations;Partial differential equations;Initial value problems;