Papers Published

  1. Kalmbach, C.F., Jr. and Dowell, E.H. and Moon, F.C., The application of feedback control to the suppression of a dynamic instability of an elastic body, 13th Internation Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics. Abstracts only (1972), pp. 59 - .
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    A theoretical and experimental study is made to determine the feasibility of controlling a thin cantilevered beam subject to a follower force. A theoretical model is developed using the equations for a thin beam under initial stress and Galerkin's method. A variety of feedback loop configurations are analysed before one is chosen for an example. An increase of follower forces of over 65% is recorded with this control system. The theoretical results show excellent correlation with the experimentally determined stability boundaries and frequency variation with a follower force. The relative contributions of linear control theory, parameter optimization theory and optimal control theory to the analysis of this problem are discussed

    feedback;mechanical control equipment;optimal control;stability;