Papers Published

  1. Dowell, E. H., CLASSICAL MODAL ANALYSIS, ASYMPTOTIC MODAL ANALYSIS, AND STATISTICAL ENERGY ANALYSIS., American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Noise Control and Acoustics Division (Publication) NCA, vol. 3 (1987), pp. 25 - 26 .
    (last updated on 2007/04/10)

    When calculating the response of linear vibratory systems under deterministic or random excitation, it is common to use classical modal analysis in the low frequency regime (lower modes, e. g. less than ten to one hundred) and statistical energy analysis in the high frequency regime (higher modes, e. g. more than ten to one hundred in a given frequency bandwidth of interest). This raises the question, what is the relationship between classical modal analysis and statistical energy analysis? It has been shown that several of the key results of statistical energy analysis may be obtained by considering the asymptotic limit of classical modal analysis as the number of modes in a given frequency bandwidth becomes larger. These results are reviewed in a variety of contexts.