Papers Published

  1. McLean, J.D. and Dowell, E.H., Swirling flows between coaxial cylinders with injection by radial jets, AIAA J. (USA), vol. 13 no. 11 (1975), pp. 1435 - 41 .
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    An experimental program has been carried out to investigate a class of flows which is of interest with regard to the aeroelastic flutter of flexible cylinders. The flowfield of interest is the swirling flow between two concentric cylinders, of which the inner one is stationary and the outer one rotates. Air is admitted into the annulus between the cylinders through inlets in the wall of the rotating outer cylinder near one end of the apparatus and is exhausted through an annular outlet surrounding the inner cylinder near the other end. Measurements of the resulting flowfield have been made for a wide range of flow rates, outer cylinder rotational speeds, and inlet geometries. Approximate scaling laws for the velocity field have been developed, and dimensionless parameters have been defined which correlate the effects of the various inlet conditions which were tested

    jets;rotational flow;