Papers Published

  1. FLUID-STRUCTURE INTERACTION AND AERODYNAMIC DAMPING., edited by Dowell, E. H.;Au-Yang, M. K.; (1985), pp. 230 - .
    (last updated on 2007/04/10)

    This conference proceedings contains 15 papers discussing two different aspects of Fluid-Structure Interaction problems. The first group of articles is in the area of aerospace engineering and touches on many of the classical and modern aspects of aeroelasticity. The bodies are aerodynamically streamlined and the corresponding flows are often described by theoretical models derived from first principles. The second group, ground based power generation is the focus and the flows of interest are about blunt bodies with all the complexity that entails. Among the generic topics covered are chaos, nonlinear dynamics and the reduction of drag through the use of compliant walls.

    AERODYNAMICS;TUBES - Structural Analysis;FLOW OF FLUIDS - Stability;MATHEMATICAL TECHNIQUES - Numerical Methods;COMPUTER PROGRAMMING - Applications;