Papers Published

  1. Dugundji, J. and Dowell, E. and Perkin, B., Subsonic flutter of panels on continuous elastic foundations, AIAA Journal, vol. 1 no. 5 (1963), pp. 1146 - 1154 .
    (last updated on 2007/04/10)

    Tests were conducted on 104×24-×0.018 in. rectangular aluminum panel in low-speed wind tunnel; definite flutter of traveling-wave-type was observed; principal instability was shown to be of traveling-wave, flutter-type; comparison of experiment and theory showed good agreement in flutter speed and wavelength but poor agreement in wave speed and frequency at flutter, attributed to limitations in test setup; study is of interest in problems of hydroelasticity, axially symmetric cylinders, and inflatable structures at low speeds, and panels lying on springy elastic materials.