Papers Published

  1. Horikawa, H. and Dowell, E.H. and Moon, F.C., Active feedback control of a beam subjected to a nonconservative force, Int. J. Solids Struct. (UK), vol. 14 no. 10 (1978), pp. 821 - 39 [0020-7683(78)90073-2] .
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    The possibility of controlling through feedback a thin cantilevered beam subjected to a nonconservative follower force is investigated. A converging frequency flutter instability which occurs in this model is similar to classical bending-torsion flutter of an aircraft wing. Because of the similar nature of the instabilities, the beam under the follower force can be a useful vehicle for investigating the fundamental aspects of stabilization of wing flutter by feedback control. A modal approach is used for obtaining the mathematical model and control laws. A standard root locus technique for simple analytical models is also used to understand and explain the control of the beam. Experiments are carried out to verify the validity of this theoretical model. Good correlation is shown between theoretically and experimentally determined stability boundaries as well as for modal frequency and damping variation with follower force

    aerospace control;aircraft;feedback;root loci;stability;