Papers Published

  1. Wilson, T.L. and Dowell, E., Today's ephemera, tomorrow's historical documentation: access options for artists files, J. Libr. Adm. (USA), vol. 39 no. 2-3 (2003), pp. 43 - 60 [J111v39n02_05] .
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    Comprised of everything from newspaper clippings to exhibition catalogues and photographs, the artists file is perhaps one of the most under-utilized resources in an art library. Options for providing access to artists files range from simple Web-based lists to collection-level cataloging or digitization projects. When choosing the best access strategy, careful consideration of the strengths of the collection, demand for the materials included, and organizational commitment to the project is necessary. The best solutions build on the traditional strengths of artists files, documentation for less prominent artists, and allow accepted standards that facilitate cooperative access projects

    art;cataloguing;content-based retrieval;Internet;library automation;special libraries;