Papers Published

  1. Dowell, E.H. and Schwartz, H.B., Forced respose of a cantilever beam with a dry friction damper attached. I. Theory, J. Sound Vib. (UK), vol. 91 no. 2 (1983), pp. 255 - 67 [0022-460X(83)90901-X] .
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    A theoretical-experimental study of the forced vibration response of a cantilevered beam with Coulomb damping, non-linearity is described. Particular emphasis is placed upon the types of non-linear behaviour and system response spectral characteristics observed theoretically and experimentally, upon the design of the experimental apparatus and the utilization of associated instrumentation, and upon the methodology developed for system calibration. Several system configurations are explored, with similarities and deviations analyzed and discussed. This paper, part I, is devoted to the theory and the companion paper, part II to the experiments including correlation with theory

    damping;vibrating bodies;