Papers Published

  1. Epureanu, Bogdan I. and Dowell, Earl H., Compact methodology for computing limit-cycle oscillations in aeroelasticity, Journal of Aircraft, vol. 40 no. 5 (2003), pp. 955 - 963 .
    (last updated on 2007/04/10)

    A technique for computing limit-cycle oscillations of aeroelastic systems is presented. This technique can be used also for constructing and identifying reduced-order models that characterize accurately limit-cycle oscillations. The models presented use a spatial model reduction combined with a nonlinear identification technique. The finite difference in time method, a methodology similar to a finite element in time, is discussed. The specific novel aspects of the proposed method are noted. Numerical examples analyzing the dynamics of a panel forced by a buffeting aerodynamic load demonstrate the performance of the proposed methods.

    Oscillations;Finite difference method;Fourier transforms;Velocity;Eigenvalues and eigenfunctions;Navier Stokes equations;