Papers Published

  1. Tang, D. and Gavin, H.P. and Dowell, E.H., Study of airfoil gust response alleviation using an electro-magnetic dry friction damper. Part 1. Theory, J. Sound Vib. (UK), vol. 269 no. 3-5 (2004), pp. 853 - 74 [S0022-460X(03)00180-9] .
    (last updated on 2007/04/10)

    An electro-magnetic controllable dry friction damper has been designed and numerically simulated. The gust response of a three degree-of-freedom typical airfoil section with a control surface using this nonlinear damper has been studied theoretically. The effects of the different gust excitations and parameter variations of the nonlinear damper on the nonlinear aeroelastic response are discussed. The numerical results show the present electro-magnetic dry friction damper can be used to alleviate the dynamic response to both a periodic and a linear frequency sweep gust excitation, especially for the plunge and pitch responses. The results are also verified by an experimental investigation in a wind tunnel presented in a companion paper, Part 2

    aeroacoustics;damping;dynamic response;elasticity;electromagnetic devices;friction;wind tunnels;