Papers Published

  1. Pezeshki, C. and Dowell, E.H., An examination of initial condition maps for the sinusoidally excited buckled beam modeled by the Duffing's equation, J. Sound Vib. (UK), vol. 117 no. 2 (8), pp. 219 - 32 [0022-460X(87)90535-9] .
    (last updated on 2007/04/10)

    The initial condition problem is studied for the dynamics of the buckled beam by using the forced Holmes-Duffing's equation, in an attempt to understand the route to chaos. Earlier results generated by Moon (1985) for different parameter values are reconsidered, and new techniques are used in order to understand more of the global behavior of the system. In particular, fractal basin boundaries are determined for two types of basins of attraction. These are correlated with previous results to help provide an explanation for observed chaotic system behavior