Papers Published

  1. Zhang, G., Garg, D., and Fricke, G, Hazardous Spill Perimeter Detection and Monitoring via Multiple Autonomous Mobile Robotic Agents, Proceedings of the 2010 Dynamic System and Control Conference (September, 2010) .
    (last updated on 2011/08/15)

    The problem of perimeter detection and monitoring has a variety of applications. In this paper, a hybrid system with fi- nite states strategy is proposed for multiple autonomous robotic agents with the purpose of hazardous spill perimeter detection and tracking. In the system, each robotic agent is assumed to be in one of the following states: searching, pursuing, and tracking. The agents are prioritized based on their states, and a potential field is constructed for agents in each state. The location and ve- locity of an agent in the tracking state as well as those of its clos- est leading and trailing agents are utilized to control its move- ment. The convergence of the tracking algorithm is analyzed for multiple spills under certain conditions. Simulation results show that with the proposed method, the agents can successfully detect and track the spills of various sizes and movements.