Papers Published

  1. Rouse, W.B. and Garg, D.P., Suboptimal design of a class of nonlinear controllers, Trans. ASME, G, J. Dyn. Syst. Meas. Control (USA), vol. 95 no. 4 (1973), pp. 352 - 5 .
    (last updated on 2007/04/10)

    A systematic design procedure is presented for suboptimal nonlinear controller synthesis. Such a control yields faster response characteristics than are normally possible with a linear controller. The technique is geared to single-input linear systems where excursions of one state variable are of more importance than others. Design steps are formulated in terms of readily applicable algebraic equations. The proposed method is applied to several design examples, and the advantages are shown by comparison with the results obtained from existing techniques

    control system synthesis;nonlinear control systems;optimal control;