Papers Published

  1. Anderson, G.L. and Garg, D.P., Suggestions for skillful proposal writing, J. Intell. Mater. Syst. Struct. (USA), vol. 12 no. 6 (2001), pp. 409 - 14 [104538902022600] .
    (last updated on 2007/04/10)

    This brief paper is written to provide instructions and suggestions for preparing research proposals for possible funding. Whereas the emphasis of the present document is on the funding process used by the Army Research Office (ARO), the suggestions could be utilized as a proposal preparation guide for submitting applications to many other funding agencies as well. In this paper, first the various programs at ARO such as the core programs and the special initiatives that are available for funding in the Engineering Sciences Directorate are pointed out. Next, the process of receiving and evaluating proposals in the Structures and Dynamics Program of the Mechanical and Environmental Sciences Division is described. This is followed by a discussion of specific issues such as the need for the Army relevance, cost sharing, and technology transfer. Finally, additional information, including a list of recent publications that could serve as supplementary resource material, and contact information is given

    costing;research initiatives;technology transfer;