Papers Published

  1. Garg, D.P. and Rabins, M.J., A parameter plane comparison of the Popov and circle criteria for nonlinear system synthesis, 11th joint automatic control conference of the American automatic control council (preprints) (1970), pp. 265 - 9 .
    (last updated on 2007/04/10)

    A comparative view of the circle and Popov criteria, both of which are sufficiency conditions for absolute stability of nonlinear control systems, is presented. Compensator design results are used as the basis of comparison. A parameter plane representation is employed for this computer oriented study. Analog simulation studies yielded higher compensator gains than either the circle or the Popov criteria. The circle criterion was found to be more conservative than the Popov criterion in the numerical example presented here

    control system synthesis;nonlinear systems;stability;