Papers Published

  1. Garg, D.P., On the absolute stability of nonlinear control systems using notch compensators, Advances in instrumentation, proceedings of the 25th annual ISA conference, vol. 1 (1970), pp. 7 pp. - .
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    This paper deals with the design of general symmetric and unsymmetric notch compensator structures for nonlinear systems of Aizerman's type. Absolute stability is used as the constraint condition and the Popov and circle criteria are applied for compensator design. The notch compensator is chosen for system synthesis in view of its desirable frequency domain characteristics. It was found that the notch compensator permits large system gains the maximum bandwidth. Numerical examples exhibit design results in parameter plane and parameter space. Although the design approach advanced is digital computer oriented, paper and pencil equivalence is easily implemented

    control system analysis;stability;