Papers Published

  1. Garg, D. P., PATH PLANNING AND COLLISION AVOIDANCE FOR A FIVE DEGREE OF FREEDOM ROBOT., American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Dynamic Systems and Control Division (Publication) DSC, vol. 5 (1987), pp. 19 - 25 .
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    This paper describes the kinematic and dynamic modeling, path planning, and collision avoidance of a CYBOT robot. The position control feedback used is achieved via a set of optical encoders used with each of the five drive motors. The electronic control module runs the five stepper motors, the gripper, and several other devices via auxiliary inputs and outputs. The electromechanical gripper has a grip range of zero to two inches and a high squeeze force-to-weight ratio. The arm is moved from one location to another using a find-path strategy. These motions simulate manipulator trajectories in an automated manufacturing environment. A tessellation procedure is described for generating trajectories which insure collision-free paths.